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Python Series couplings flange mounting collar on blue background

Python™ Quick Adjust Line: Flange & Flange Mounting Collars

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Our new Quick Adjust line will optimize your operational efficiency with user-friendly shaft collars, specially designed for easy one-handed installation and quicker, more convenient adjustments. The Python™ Quick Adjust Line redesigns the standard flange collar to make it easier to install and adjust as needed. Stafford specializes in developing innovative products built for lasting performance […]

Quick-Release Clamp Collars 3 Designs Attach & Adjust Without Tools

Quick Adjust Products From Stafford

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When you need to make frequent alterations to the positioning of shaft collars, incorporating quick adjust products allows for faster assembly, disassembly, and adjustment of components for optimal convenience. At Stafford Manufacturing Corp., we deliver a variety of quick adjust products to help simplify and speed up any rapid-change applications. Our quick adjust line includes […]

Advangage Accu Clamp rigid shaft couplings, clamping shaft collars, and specialty components

Advantages of Accu-Clamp™ Precision Products

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Stafford Manufacturing produces high-quality rigid shaft couplings, clamping shaft collars, and specialty components with experience dating back half a century. Stafford’s Accu-Clamp ™ products feature both a non-clamping section and a clamping section. The non-clamping section consists of a rigid bore capable of maintaining shape during use without flexing or distorting. The cantilevered clamping section […]


Features of Shaft Collars: Three Unique Ways to Use a Shaft Collar

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Shaft collars attach to shafts and other pieces of hardware to affix components in place. They can grip bearings in the right position, act as mechanical stops to halt rotary motion along the shaft, and ensure internal components don’t shift into misalignment. Because these components are so versatile, they come in a wide range of […]

bottle manufacturing conveyor SHAFT COLLAR OR COUPLING bore configurations for

Accommodating Bore Configurations for Your Shaft Collar or Coupling

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Stafford Manufacturing Corp. designs and manufactures rigid couplings, shaft collars, and specialty mechanical parts used in automation, power transmission, motion control, and other OEM and MRO applications. We have collars and couplings available in square, threaded, hexagonal, keyed, and round bore configurations. In addition, we can add drive slots, press-fits, pulleys, or other special parts […]

connecting shaft components to demonstrate how to connect shaft components

How to Connect Shafts

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 Shaft couplings play a key role in transferring power or torque for motors, pumps, compressors, conveyors, turbines, and other mechanical equipment. Rigid shaft couplings can achieve this goal and allow for different types of shaft connections. Stepped couplings can be used for connecting different size shafts.  Shaft adapters can solve compatibility issues, such as changes […]

Rigid Shaft Couplings for Heavy Duty Mixers and Machinery

What Is the Best Coupling for a Mixer?

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Mixers are common industrial devices that consist of a motor and a propeller or paddle with a coupling acting as the connection point. Mixers are flexible, adaptable pieces of equipment found in a range of industries, from food processing to mining to chemical facilities. Choosing the correct coupling for a mixer can be challenging as […]

General Precision Products

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General Precision Products at Stafford Stafford offers several types of general precision products including both machined components and sheet metal components and enclosures. A wide variety of options are available and can be custom designed to meet your unique applications. Machined components. Machined components are created using various precision machining processes, such as CNC milling, […]

Installation Guide for Rigid Shaft Couplings

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Stafford Manufacturing Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a variety of shaft collars, specialty mechanical components, and rigid shaft couplings for use in many types of applications. At Stafford Manufacturing Corp., we offer a wide range of rigid couplings to allow two shafts to function as one. When deciding on the right coupling […]

Overview of Non-Standard Materials

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Since 1975, Stafford Manufacturing Corp. has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of shaft collars, rigid shaft couplings, and specialty mechanical components. Our products are used for industrial, consumer, OEM, and MRO applications, including automation, power transmission, motion control, and many others. We have unique expertise in designing components with non-standard materials that meet the […]