Metric Products & Components

Stafford Manufacturing provides metric products and components, which are fully metric in all specifications, including the clamping screws. Our metric shaft collars are made from steel and stainless steel with other materials available on request. Custom options can include tapped holes designed for mounting configurations, special hubs, flanges, or keyways. Other features of our metric products and components include:

  • A variety of shaft collar options including one-piece, two-piece hinged, heavy duty, keyed , set-screw, wrenching, and weldable.
  • Stepped and straight thru bore couplings
  • One-, two-, or three-piece split couplings
  • Remachinable couplings
  • Inch-Metric Conversion couplings

Browse our online catalog to select the right metric shaft, coupling, and mounting components for your needs. Read on to learn more about each of these product offerings and our custom manufacturing capabilities.

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Metric Products and Components

Types of Metric Products & Components

Stafford Manufacturing offers three main categories of metric products:

  • Metric round bore shaft collars
  • Metric rigid shaft couplings
  • Metric mounting devices and components

For an exact precision fit, we can also custom-machine bores, collar faces, cam surfaces, grooves, flats, and other modifications as needed for your application.

Metric Round Bore Shaft Collars

Shaft collars are based on a simple design, using a ring and clamp screw (or set of screws), which loosen and tighten the collar around the shaft. The metric shaft collar acts as a mechanical stop or hold to secure metric shaft components, such as devices used for automation, motion control, and power transmission.

We produce a wide variety of versatile and easily installed metric shaft collars. View our metric round bore shaft collar inventory, which includes the following collar types:

  • Metric One-Piece and Two-Piece split collars
  • Metric Weldable and Wrenching Collars
  • Metric Hinge Shaft Collars
  • Metric Set Screw Collars
  • Metric Heavy Duty Collars
  • Metric Keyed Collars
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Metric Round Bore Shaft Collars

Metric Rigid Shaft Couplings

A metric rigid shaft coupling connects two metric shafts, transferring power from one to the other. The shaft coupling must be a precise fit to maintain consistent and safe power transmission. For this reason, Stafford Manufacturing specializes in metric shaft couplings for a wide range of OEM and maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) purposes. Explore our metric shaft couplings, which include the following coupling types

  • Metric One, Two, and Three-Piece Split Couplings with and without keyways
  • Metric Precision Sleeve Couplings
  • Inch-Metric Conversion Couplings
  • Remachinable Couplings
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Metric Rigid Shaft Couplings

Metric Mounting Devices and Components

For efficient mounting and adjustment of metric shaft parts, view our metric mounting devices and components. Each of the following mounting collars and handles is built for maximum versatility and is customizable for precision applications.

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Metric Mounting Devices and Components

Metric Accu-Flange™ Shaft Mounting Collars

Our metric Accu-FlangeTM mounting collars are made for unique applications involving metric pulleys, cams, and component-mounting devices. They feature standard keyways, three tapped holes, and three through holes. The Accu-Flange™ Shaft Collar utilizes a relief groove and integral clamp which can be machined for custom needs.


  • Easy adjustments
  • Perpendicularity at <0.001 TIR
  • Secure attachment of pulleys, sprockets, and gears without welding
  • No risk of shaft damage
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Metric Accu-Flange™ Shaft Mounting Collars

Metric One-Piece Split Face Mounting Shaft Collars

These metric mounting shaft collars have universal tapped mounting holes, allowing multiple options for mounting components to the collar. Their smooth bores and tapped holes accommodate a variety of collar mount positions. Designed for use with soft or hard standard round shafts, over split hubs, or thin wall tubes, they are precision machined and easy to adjust with high clamping power.

Additional Features :

  • Tight tolerances
  • Easy adjustments
  • High clamping power
  • Universal tapped face holes
  • No shaft damage
  • Superior holding power
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Metric One-Piece Split Face Mounting Shaft Collars

Metric Thread Grip & GoTM Quick Release Handle

Stafford’s metric quick-release handles are made for easy and fast collar adjustments. They replace the need for clamp screws, making wrench-free repositioning possible. It’s an ideal solution for frequent linear adjustments, table-height or stroke-length adjustments, and instrument repositioning (not for use in rotary applications).

Additional Features :

  • Rapid linear adjustments on clamping collars
  • A single handle that replaces the need for a wrench and clamp screw
  • Metric threading
  • A knurled, textured OD for easy handling
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Metric Thread Grip & Go<sup>TM</sup> Quick Release Handle

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From our Wilmington, MA location, Stafford Manufacturing specializes in a wide range of metric shaft collars, couplings, and mounting components. We’re dedicated to helping customers find the right metric solution for their needs.

Contact us for assistance with selecting the right components, or request a quote for your shaft collar and coupling needs.

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