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Since 1975, Stafford Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality rigid shaft couplings, shaft collars, and specialty components for use in a variety of motion control, transmission, and automation systems. In addition, we specialize in the design and fabrication of components for use in a variety of OEM and MRO applications. Our focus on innovation allows us to develop new solutions to meet the evolving challenges of industrial and automation technology, including specialty shaft collars.

Shaft collars are a critical aspect of nearly any complex mechanical design. They are used to impede, direct, and secure components in a variety of motion control equipment. Although the original shaft collar design was a single ring with a screw, numerous modifications have been made in order to meet the demanding needs of more complex systems. Unlike standard screw shaft collars, clamp collars open via either open using a hinge on one side or divide into two parts so that they can be clamped around the shaft or other component while they are still in place fully assembled. The collar is held in place by uniform compressive force, which makes it more reliable and less damaging to the shaft.

Our patented Accu-Clamp ™ products take the benefits of clamping collars to the next level. They feature a unique construction, offering several functional advantages not possible with standard clamping collars. The close-tolerance, highly precise design of these products makes them suitable for a diverse range of applications.


Accu-Clamp ™ Product Features

Stafford’s Accu-Clamp ™ products feature both a non-clamping section and a clamping section. The non-clamping section consists of a rigid bore capable of maintaining shape during use without flexing or distorting. The cantilevered clamping section offers flexible, proportionally distributed, non-marring holding power.

Featuring a unique construction, our Accu-Clamp ™ products have a precision machined face that is flat to the shaft within 0.001 TIR. They also feature a slotless design, allowing for an uninterrupted outside diameter surface that can be machined, knurled, or profiled to meet the demands of any application. The slotless design also means that the face offers a full 360° surface that can be hardened, ground, flanged, or machined to meet various mounting and tolerance requirements or to be outfitted with features such as:

  • Springs
  • Mounting holes
  • Slotted mounting holes
  • Dowel pins
  • O-ring grooves for sealing
  • Sensor hole
  • Face cams


Accu-Clamp ™ Applications

Stafford’s Accu-Clamp ™ collars, flange-collars, and flange-couplings are available in two ways:

  • With versatile mounting holes in the solid section
  • With a blank solid section that is readily and easily modified

The versatility and durability of these products makes them ideal for use in a wide range of industries and applications, especially those requiring steel products that are easily machined and hardened. Applications that benefit from our Accu-Clamp ™ technology include:

  • Mounts for precision components
  • Speed and position sensors
  • O-rings and other sealing components
  • Sheaves, pulleys, gears, and cams
  • Oil rings


Quality Accu-Clamp ™ Products by Stafford Manufacturing

As an industry leader of custom shaft collar and coupling solutions, Stafford is pleased to provide a full line of highly customizable Accu-Clamp ™ products for use in everything from automotive and aerospace equipment to industrial automation and consumer goods. We offer custom precision-machined modifications for a wide range of standard and specialty products.

With more than 45 years of experience we have the knowledge, equipment, and inventory necessary to ensure that you have the perfect solution for your motion control application. To learn more about our Accu-Clamp ™ products, contact the experts at Stafford or request a quote today.