Warranty & Return Policy

Stafford’s Warranty Policy

Stafford expressly warrants that products sold both on our website and through authorized distribution channels meet Stafford’s specifications as noted on our website www.staffordmfg.com. Products not meeting Stafford’s listed specifications or containing defective parts, will be replaced, or the purchase price will be refunded, upon purchaser’s written request made within 12 months following sale. Refund or replacement is the sole and exclusive remedy provided. This warranty does not cover damage caused by installation, accident, incorrect handling, improper use, or normal wear and tear.

Disclaimer of Implied Warranties

It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of Stafford products for their intended application. No person, including Stafford’s manufacturer’s reps, distributors or employees can determine the suitability of Stafford products for a specific purpose.

Limitation of Liability

Stafford’s responsibility will not exceed the purchase price of the defective product.

Return Policy

Parts returned for credit must be in original condition and properly packaged. Only standard price list items can be returned. Standard parts purchased in large quantities that required quoting (quantities above those noted in our price list breaks) are not returnable. Custom parts are not returnable. Parts not meeting the above requirements may be subject to a rework fee or returned to the customer with no credit issued.

A Stafford invoice number is required in order to receive full credit. If the invoice number is not included, we will issue credit for the amount of current price of the product.

You must have a valid RGA number before you return any items to Stafford. Please email us at sales@staffordmfg.com or call 978-657-8000 for your RGA and include this number on your return package.