Custom Manufacturing

At Stafford Manufacturing Corp., we specialize in the design and manufacture of shaft collars, rigid couplings, and other specialty mechanical components used in power transmission, motion control, automation, and other OEM and MRO applications. While we maintain an extensive standard product catalog, we’ve always welcomed requests for custom manufactured shaft collars and rigid couplings as an everyday part of our business. We must be doing something right since our previously made specials list is longer than our standard product line!

When our customers request a modified or customized component, they know they can rely on us for a quick and affordable solution that fully meets their specifications and standards. Below, we highlight some of the most commonly requested modifications and customizations.

Standard Product Modifications

Standard Part ModificationIf none of the existing parts and products in our catalog will work for your equipment or application, our team has the knowledge and skills to modify any one of our standard components into the ideal solution. Typical modifications we accommodate include:

Modified Bores

  • Intermediate sizes
  • Keyways
  • Spherical
  • Non-standard threads of all types

Collar Face Modifications

  • Holes (thru, blind, tapped, counterbored, etc.)
  • Slots
  • Hubs
  • “O” -Ring grooves

Modified Outside Diameters

  • Knurling
  • Cam surfaces
  • Flats (for mounting or wrenching)
  • Notches
  • Pulley grooves
  • Holes

Custom Configurations for Shaft-Extender Shaft Ends

  • Add pins, tabs, buttons, bumpers, etc.
  • Balancing

Fully Custom Products

Shaft Collar 3D Prototype Allows Rapid Proof-Of-Concept TestingIn addition to our component modification options, we offer customization capabilities for virtually any standard collar or coupling. These special versions and variations ensure our customers can find a component that fits their exact needs.


We can customize various aspects of our collars, including: