Collar and Coupling Styles

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. clamp-type shaft collars and rigid couplings are available In High Strength, Low Profile and Heavy Duty versions.

High Strength is our most common style, featuring recessed screw heads for a clean design and is an excellent all-purpose choice.

In situations where space or clearance is an issue, Low Profile collars and couplings – with a smaller outside diameter – can be used. The screw head on this style will protrude slightly beyond the outer surface.

Our Heavy Duty style is the solution for applications that require additional axial or torsional holding power. Heavy Duty shaft collars, with larger screws and a greater outside diameter than our standard collars, have twice the axial holding power of those styles. Heavy Duty rigid shaft couplings are longer, have a larger outside diameter and a greater number of clamping screws than our High Strength and Low Profile couplings, producing three times the torsional holding power.

When comparing our shaft collars and couplings to other products, the generic terms Recessed Screw or Exposed Screw may be used to refer to High Strength or Low Profile respectively, as each company uses its own terminology.

Stafford carries a wide variety of standard and metric sizes, materials, and configurations for each product and can manufacture specialty parts as needed.

For additional information about the differences in the styles of shaft collars and rigid couplings that we offer, contact us directly.