Flanged Shaft Collars

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At Stafford Manufacturing, we manufacture and distribute a broad selection of products suitable for use in power transmission, motion control, automation, and other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) applications. One of our core product offerings is shaft collars, including flanged shaft collars.


Advantages of Our Flanged Shaft Collars

Our flanged shaft collars are one-piece shaft mount solutions that can be custom configured to accommodate a wide range of applications. Their split design featuring a smooth bore and keyway and relief groove clamping mechanism eliminates the risk of damaging the shafts without sacrificing hold strength. They are available with standard or custom hole patterns and slots, up to 10-inch OD flanges and 6-inch ID bores, and a range of material options—including aluminum, stainless steel, steel, and plastic—to suit different application environments.

Compared to other flanged shaft collars in the market, ours offers

  • Broader secure attachment capabilities without the need for welding
  • Lower risk of shaft damage
  • Greater customizability for unique user specifications

Flanged Shaft Collars From Stafford Manufacturing

We offer several models of flanged shaft collars, including:


Accu-Flange™ mounting collars are machinable flange collars that feature a standard keyway with three through holes and three tapped holes and an integral clamp design and relief groove mechanism. These easy-to-adjust components maintain perpendicularity to <0.001 TIR, allow for the attachment of gears, pulleys, and sprockets without the need for welding, and eliminate the risk of shaft damage. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including in cam, pulley, and component mounting devices.

For users with unique needs, standard Accu-Flange shaft mounting collars accommodate use in custom solutions as the individual parts can be machined to highly specific dimensions upon customer request.


Accu-Flange™ Collars are machinable collars similar in many respects to our shaft mounting collars but without predrilled holes, allowing for full customization of the flange by the customer.

They feature a standard keyway and integral clamp that provides a high-strength, non-marring hold. Applications include use in cam, pulley, and component mounting devices.

If needed, users can customize the standard product to unique specifications to meet precise application requirements.


Our precision sleeve flange couplings are one-piece units used to mount components, such as gears, motors, or brake assemblies. Their design features a flange with three through holes and three tapped holes, a solid center section constructed for a close tolerance fit on ground shafting, and integral self-centering clamping collars at both ends to facilitate easy assembly and disassembly. They offer high-strength, non-marring attachment with precise and easy to adjust alignment.

Flanged Shaft Mounts

Flanged Shaft Mounts are used in conveyors, packaging equipment, lab equipment, and other applications. The two-piece design lets you quickly remove the top of the support for easy access to the shaft. Available from stock in 1117 steel, Flanged Shaft Mounts come in 1/4” to 2” I.D. sizes. Bore sizes 1″ and larger have four clamping screws.,Suitable for a variety of applications, they are also offered in stainless steel on special order. Keyways also available on special order.

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Equipped with over 40 years of industry experience, the team at Stafford Manufacturing has the skills and knowledge needed to create high-quality industrial products. One of the products that culminated from this experience is our flanged shaft collars, available in standard and custom solutions. They are priced accordingly based on the material, size, configuration, and quantity requested. For additional information on our product offerings or a quote on pricing, request a quote today.