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10 Reasons to Choose Stafford as Your Collars, Couplings, and Unique Components Manufacturer

Founded in 1975, Stafford boasts an impressive catalog of more than 4,000 standard products and is committed to meeting unique needs with custom manufacturing. Our experience and capabilities mean we are poised to be your number one resource for rigid shaft couplings, shaft collars, and specialty mechanical components.

You can count on us to carry the full range of products you are looking for. Beyond that, here are some of the ways we stand out from the rest.

10 Reasons to Choose Stafford

When you’re in the market for collars, couplings, and unique components, you should turn to Stafford. Here are 10 of the advantages we offer:

  1. Round Bore Shaft Collars

When it comes to our selection of off-the-shelf styles, sizes, and materials, Stafford simply will not be beat. Along with a full range of set-screw and clamp-style collars in a wide variety of stock materials, we offer five styles of mounting collars. Our unique Stafford Hinge Collar line comes in a range of materials and designs, including the innovative Staff-Lok™ quick release.

  1. Threaded Bore Shaft Collars

We offer a full line of threaded collars, and we are the only stocking manufacturer of Acme threaded bore collars. This wide selection satisfies a number of different demands, eliminating the need to pay for custom components.

  1. Square and Hexagonal Bore Shaft Collars

We stand alone as the only stocking manufacturer of a complete line of square and hexagonal bore collars including mounting collars.

  1. Rigid Shaft Couplings and Shaft Adapters

These components are available in one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece styles. We carry heavy-duty, precision bores, and PowerRing™ high torque couplings. You will find that we are the only stocking manufacturer of three-piece and inch/metric couplings. There is not a larger selection of stocked shaft adapter styles and materials available anywhere in the industry.

  1. Metric Shaft Collars, Rigid Shaft Couplings, and Components 

If you’re looking for metric components, we have the widest selection available. We carry larger bore sizes, AccuFlange™ Metric Mounting Collars, and Metric Face Mounting Collars.

  1. Specialty Components and Accessories

When you are searching for just the right product to make the job easier or solve a problem, take a look at our range of carefully designed specialty components and accessories. Stafford specializes in finding precise solutions!

  1. Mounting Components and Clamps

We carry mounts that are based on our one-piece, two-piece, hinged, Accu-Clamp™ or ultra-convenient Staff-Lok™ quick-release collar. This range of options means we can find an off-the-shelf solution, which eliminates the need for a custom product.

  1. Maintenance Repair and Retrofit

During maintenance and repair, the last thing you want is extra downtime. Our wide variety of stocked products is only part of the story. We also offer a full line of semi-finished customizable collars and couplings that can be finished to your final specifications within hours. And if we can’t solve your problem with our Customizables ™, our reputation for fast turn-around on quality specials is unsurpassed.

  1. SPARC™— the Stafford Prototype and Repair Collar System

With this innovative use of 3D printing technology, you can create a working model of shaft collars and components to meet special requirements, all within a few hours.

  1. Custom Manufacturing

We quickly create components to your exact specifications. Simply give us a print or sketch, or even describe the part to us. You will receive a response to a request for a quote within 24 hours or less. With our nimble turnaround and precise capabilities, consider Stafford your “in-house” machine shop.

Stafford’s Customized Solutions

Here at Stafford, we are proud of our customized solutions for shaft collar and rigid shaft coupling needs. We have served thousands of customers, who have come to depend on us for years as their exclusive supplier of both standard and custom products. By consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, we have earned their lasting loyalty. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our vast selection exceeds what the competition offers. We carry square, hexagonal, and Acme threaded bores, as well as shaft mounting collars and precision sleeve couplings. It might be interesting to note that our website shows nearly 80 options for 1” round bore shaft collars alone. Most of our parts are available for same-day shipment. If you need any assistance, you can call our toll-free number and speak to a friendly customer service professional, skipping the frustration of navigating an automated system.

While we are confident that we can offer you fair and competitive prices, it isn’t our goal to be the cheapest option available. Our standards wouldn’t allow us to cut that many corners. We are proud to offer the highest quality and value for your project.

Contact Stafford for Custom Manufacturing Solutions

If you are in the market for a standard product with a simple modification, or you need to design a part from scratch, Stafford has the expertise and resources to get the product you need into your hands quickly. We are proud of our quality, service, selection, and value.

Contact us today–we look forward to sharing our ideas and helping you through your next project.

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