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When you need to make frequent alterations to the positioning of shaft collars, incorporating quick adjust products allows for faster assembly, disassembly, and adjustment of components for optimal convenience. At Stafford Manufacturing Corp., we deliver a variety of quick adjust products to help simplify and speed up any rapid-change applications. Our quick adjust line includes wrenching collars, clamp-on wrenches, and Grip & Go™ Quick Release products as well as our new Python™ Line Stop Collar and Flange Mount Collar. Read on to learn more about these offerings and their benefits.

What Does Quick Adjust Mean?

Quick adjust is a category of products often related to maintenance and repair tools but can be used in any situation where there is a need for rapid or frequent changes in location. These products allow for quick, simple repositioning of collars on a shaft to fine-tune system performance or adjust a component to reflect changes in its environment. Using quick adjust products allows adjustment with minimal or no tools, preventing time lost searching for the right wrench.

Wrenching Collars

Shaft Wrenching Collars, two-piece

A wrenching collar is a shaft collar variety that has wrenching flats, enabling users to quickly and easily use a standard open-end wrench to make adjustments to the part placement. Stafford offers two-piece split and hinge-style wrenching collars in the following types:

The hinge-style collars utilize a captive screw to facilitate installation. Available in bore sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to as large as 1 1/2 inch, our wrenching collars have wrenching flats on their outer diameter (OD) for compatibility with standard open-end wrenches.

Clamp-On Wrenches

adjustable wrench collars, hex

These adjustable wrench collars offer high versatility and ease of use, quickly clamping around a standard pipe, a shaft, or a hex nut. Tightened with a twist of the wrist, these knurled collars form a strong hold that’s still easily adjustable for your application and positioning needs. They are simple to grip and manually turn to secure, but still allow for conventional wrenches when high torquing is required.

Made of anodized aluminum to give them a finish that’s both durable and aesthetically pleasing, Stafford’s selection of clamp-on wrenches includes:

Grip & Go Quick Release Handle

Grip & Go™ Quick Release Clamping Handle

Stafford’s Grip & Go Quick Release line consists of multiple handle options for convenient, rapid linear adjustments. A single Grip & Go Handle replaces a clamp screw and a wrench. The product line is advantageous for its:

  • Fast repositioning capabilities.
    With Grip & Go Quick Release products, you’ll use the product handles rather than a wrench to easily make clamping collar adjustments, enabling rapid linear repositioning along the shaft as often as necessary.
  • Diversity. This product line offers high versatility in positioning capabilities and applications in a variety of material options. Grip & Go Quick Release handles are ideal for tasks such as adjusting for table height or stroke length, enabling linear alterations to feed components, or holding test instruments. They’re available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
  • Simplified design. Utilizing a single-handle design for faster modifications, these products also eliminate the need for a separate standard wrench and clamp screw.
  • Easy-to-grip handles. The knurled grip along the OD ensures a firm grasp for fast adjustments without slippage, even in the presence of oil and related substances.
  • Metric thread and high torque product varieties. Both metric thread and high torque versions of our products are available in the Grip & Go Quick Release line, each uniquely tailored to meet your application’s requirements. The metric thread variety is compatible with metric clamp-style shaft collars and comes in a variety of thread sizes. The handle of the high torque version has both a hole for a screwdriver shaft or rod to increase tightening force and wrench flats for tightening with a standard wrench.

Examples from the Grip & Go Quick Release product line include:

Python Quick Adjust Line

Python Flange Mounting Collar

The Python™ Flange Mounting Collar utilizes a lever-operated clamp featuring a thumbscrew tension nut to quickly make manual adjustments to collar positioning without requiring tools. It consists of black-anodized aluminum – and stainless steel or steel, upon request – and is designed with a keyway and six-hole bolt pattern. While it allows for fast alterations, it delivers a tight clamp able to withstand up to 200 lbs. of axial load. Its applications include:

  • Fast repositioning without tools
  • Setting stops
  • Driving rotating parts at low and linear RPMs

These quick adjust collars are available in square, hexagon, and threaded bores and come in an array of sizes based on imperial or metric measurements. Stafford also offers the Python™ Shaft Collar, a similar flange collar but with a split hub. 

Choose Stafford Manufacturing for Quick Adjust Products

Quick adjust products from Stafford allow frequent linear adjustments quickly and easily while maintaining a secure hold. We offer high-performance, problem-solving components and custom capabilities to ensure you receive the right shaft collar, coupling, clamp, or related precision product for the job. 

Contact us to purchase any of our quick adjust maintenance, repair, retrofit, and accessory products, or request a quote today.

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