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Stafford’s New Quick Adjust Line: Python™ Flange Mounting Collars

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Our new Quick Adjust line will optimize your operational efficiency with user-friendly shaft collars, specially designed for easy one-handed installation and quicker, more convenient adjustments. The Python™ Quick Adjust Line redesigns the standard flange collar to make it easier to install and adjust as needed.

Stafford specializes in developing innovative products built for lasting performance in fast-paced environments, and our premium quick-adjust products are used across a variety of industries. Learn more about our new Python™ Quick Adjust Line and the two collars in this evolving product line.

Introducing the New Python™ Quick Adjust Line

Shaft collars frequently need repositioning and changes, but conventional shaft collars can’t keep pace with busy facilities that have strict up-time schedules. When the hardware needs to be disassembled, moved, and reassembled, that cuts into valuable operational hours. The Python™ Quick Adjust Line from Stafford incorporates quick-adjust technology so your technicians can make fast changes. These collars can be adjusted with one hand and minimal disruption so you can maintain quality standards, adjust hardware to meet changing needs, or make repairs. They also require no tools, further simplifying the task. 

Take a closer look at our two Python™ collars: the Python™ Flange Mounting Collar and Python™ Flange Collar. Operators can quickly adjust the tension and positioning of either collar with a single hand or set up stops for even easier use. The collar is easy to adjust and withstands axial loads of up to 200 pounds, making it a good fit for linear systems. Python™ collars are available in different styles based on:

  • Material: Standard is aluminum,  with steel & stainless available on request.
  • Bore shape: Round bore is standard; square, hexagon, and threaded bores on request.
  • Sizes: Imperial and metric size variations are available

Some of the key advantages quick-adjust components offer include faster adjustments and easier handling, but the benefits go even deeper. By simplifying small adjustments, technicians can more easily fine-tune the performance of the entire system, increasing performance and versatility. Manufacturers can use quick-adjust collars to produce controlled variations, ensure standard production quality, and operate as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime.

Python™ Flange Mounting Collar

This mounting collar gets its signature adjustability from its Flip-Lok clamping lever that operators can use to adjust the collar with no tools. Once the level is engaged, technicians can adjust and reclamp the collar without needing a wrench. Every collar has a six-hole bolt pattern so it can be mounted on virtually any system with linear RPM rotational power.

The key advantages of the Python™ Flange Mounting Collar are:

  • Fast, tool-free positioning
  • Six-bolt design for ease of mounting.
  • Ability to set stops

PythonFlange Collar

This collar has a split hub flange design for easy installation. Because of the split design, it can accommodate a variety of shaft sizes. The collar itself does not have mounting hardware but can be used as a mounting surface for other hardware. Manufacturers can use this collar in linear rotary motion applications such as managing paper rolls, handling laboratory equipment, and bagging or packaging. The flange collar comes in a range of sizes from  3/8″ to 1-1/4″ in both imperial and metric. Its Flip-Lok Quick Release Clamp makes it easy to reposition the collar, clamp it tightly in position, and ensure it’s properly set up for a variety of manufacturing applications.

Contact Our Experts for Premium Quick Adjust Products 

Investing in easily adjustable collars and hardware makes it simpler than ever to fine-tune your facility’s manufacturing and processing systems so you can optimize for quality and performance without compromising on speed and efficiency. 

At Stafford Manufacturing, we design and develop quick-adjust products and a diverse catalog of shaft collars, coupling, and adapters for virtually every manufacturing application, and we’ve been serving our clients with high-quality products for nearly 50 years. Reach out today to learn more about our new Python™ Quick Adjust Line.