Square and Hexagonal Bore Shaft Collars

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A shaft collar is a small, simple component. Today’s bore shaft collars are designed with bore protection and longevity in mind. The problems traditionally associated with bore shaft collars, like equipment damage, are minimized through modern design. Bore shaft collars help hold certain components of machinery in place and even serve as mechanical stops.

Our square and hexagonal bore shaft collars are exclusively built and stocked by our team. Each shaft collar is designed to fit onto both square- and hexagonal-shaped shafts. Clients can also select from a wide variety of standard bore sizes according to their applications. These collars can be placed anywhere on a shaft and the smooth bore protects shafts from damage.

Types of Square Bore Shaft Collars

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Types of Bore Shaft Collars

The square and hexagonal bore shape offer up a standard solution to unique problems. Some industries rely on them for niche applications; they’re especially popular in food processing and conveyor settings.

Two-Piece Split Clamp

Two-piece split clamp bore shaft collars are easy to completely disassemble. Afterward, they can be placed anywhere on a shaft. These collars are easy to adjust and boast high clamping power.

Mounting Two-Piece Stackable Collar

A mounting two-piece stackable collar helps mount square shafts or structural tubing to components. We supply these collars with a mounting screw and flats on both sides to ensure safe stacking. Customers can select from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum mounting two-piece stackable collars.

Each of our collars features two-piece construction. This ensures simple attachment to other components (or to each other).

Hex Bore Shaft Collars From Stafford

We have committed our efforts to creating quality products and offering superior customer service since 1975. At Stafford Manufacturing Corp., we boast an unparalleled selection of standard and custom products. Our hex bore shaft collars are generally in-stock for same-day shipment and our team is well-prepared to assist with any client question. We have numerous hex bore shaft collars available:

  • One-piece split clamp
    • Fits on standard hexagonal shafts
  • Two-piece split clamp
    • Manufactured from high-precision tolerances
    • Easily modified to act as a mount for other components
    • Designed for easy installation

Choose Stafford For Your Square and Hex Bore Shaft Collar Requirements

Our shaft collars are expert-designed for compatibility with hexagonal- and square-shaped shafts. Clients can select from one- and two-piece split clamp models depending upon intended application. We build and stock the industry’s most reliable and long-lasting shaft collars.
Request a free quote today to learn more about our square and hex bore shaft collar offerings. If you have questions about an upcoming project, contact our customer service team will address your concerns and help you select the product that’s best for your application.