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Mounting shaft collars and clamps securely connect tubes and other components to hardware. At Stafford Manufacturing, we specialize in creating a wide variety of shaft collar products with different shapes and styles. Our products include:

  • Shaft collars with six mounting holes and a flange
  • Collars with Accu-Clamp mounting hardware, which is square and non-marring
  • Accu-Mount collars with pre-drilled holes and precisely placed hubs
  • Face mount clamp collars with pre-drilled holes and precisely placed hubs
  • Mounting shaft collars with non-marring clamping hardware
  • Accu-Clamps shaft collars with two sides: one with an integral clamp and one perpendicular and flat
  • and more

We build our mounting collars and hardware with inner diameters ranging from 0.25 in. to 3 in., and customers can choose between aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts to best fit their budget and application needs.

Round Bore Shaft Collars

Our round bore shaft collars have a solidly reliable two-piece design that can fit securely against a round shaft. Each collar can be used for multiple different applications, and we offer a range of high-strength, heavy-duty, and low-profile styles with different materials and finishes. Our products include:

  • Accu-Flange Shaft Mounting Collars:These high-strength clamps can handle mounting, cam, and pulley applications.
  • Flange Adapter Rings:Each ring has three adapter holes and is weldable, making them ideal for almost any end-use environment.
  • Flanged Shaft Mounts:These parts have a two-piece design for easy installation into industrial, packing, and laboratory systems.

Our other round bore shaft collars include round bore shaft and pipe collar kits.

Rigid Shaft Couplings

Each of our rigid shaft couplings can attach to multiple different components for sturdy, reliable mounting. Each coupling flange has three tapped and three through holes for the greatest range of customization possible, an Accu-Clamp design, and a keyway. They match well with brake assemblies, gears, and motors.

Our facility stocks aluminum, stainless steel, and steel rigid shaft couplings, and the axial runout is less than 0.001 TIR. The rigid shaft couplings we keep in stock include:

  • Precision Sleeve Flange Coupling with a One-Piece Clamp
  • One-Piece Split Clamp Rigid Shaft Couplings

Metric Shaft Collars, Rigid Shaft Couplings, and Components

Our metric shaft collars are built for universal use. They have tapped holes for custom mounting configurations, stainless steel and steel options, and include customizable features such as:

  • Straight thru and stepped bore options
  • Optional keyways
  • Styles with one-, two-, or three-piece splits

These components offer several features for easy installation and use, include quick-release handles for adjustments and non-marring clamping mechanisms. They can be used on hard and soft round shafts, split hubs, and thin-wall tubes.

  • Metric Face Mounting Shaft Collars with a One-Piece Split Clamp:This collar offers smooth bores, tapped holes for universal installation, and better performance than set-screw collars.
  • Customizable Steel Clamp Couplings:These custom parts can be constructed in one-, two- and three-piece styles with dimensions, bores, and keyway options that fit our clients’ needs.
  • Metric Thread Grip & Go Quick Release Handle: These handles are designed for easy, rapid collar adjustments and a textured grip for easy handling.

Specialty Components and Accessories

At Stafford Manufacturing, we create and stock the accessories our clients need to safely and easily handle collar installation and adjustment tasks. We carry assemblies and installation kits, replacement hardware, and more. Some of our most popular specialty components include:

  • Adjustable Rope Clamps:These adjustable clamps make it simple to install hardware at a precise position and location.
  • Axial Thrust Assemblies:This assembly prevents damage from reaching the face and bearing seals of a shaft. It can be mounted wherever needed.
  • Clamp-On Wrenches:These wrenches are specially designed to turn everything from hex nuts to pipes and shafts. Customers can choose between one- and two-piece tools.
  • Collar Face Accessories:Each collar is built to accommodate the addition of accessories such as thrust bearings, washers, and end stop cushions.
  • Quick-Release Handles:Some applications require rapid repositioning. These handles are built to do precisely that without requiring a wrench. They replace traditional clamp screws in clamp collars.
  • Our systems can detect and locate in-use sensors.
  • Threaded Hexagonal Standoffs:The standoffs are dual-purpose and can be used to either mount components or act as spacers.
  • This assembly locates multiple tools and components within any 3D space. It includes clamps, couplings, mounts, and shafts.

Square and Hexagonal Bore Shaft Collars

Our square bore shaft collars are precision machined and easy to adjust or completely disassemble. They come in one- and two-piece varieties and allow for a wide range of modifications.

We provide hexagonal bore shaft collars with the same modifiable designs and one- or two-piece assemblies.

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Mounting Components and Clamps