Threaded Shaft Collars

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The shaft collar is commonly used in machine applications to hold different mechanical components in place. Shaft collars are made up of a round metal or plastic ring with a clamp and/or screws to tighten the ring around a component to hold it in place. Shaft collar designs are tailored to different shapes, sizes, and strengths to best support a given mechanical application.

What Are Threaded Shaft Collars?

Threaded shaft collars are ideal for matching a particular threaded shaft or screw. They clamp in place to provide positive location and will not damage threads.

Applications & Industries

Threaded shaft collars are often installed as a stop to position components or prevent certain parts from running along a shaft or line. Its enhanced grip makes it ideal for applications that require particularly refined location and preload settings.

They appear in a number of industries, including:


Threaded shaft collars often operate as a key component for precision automation, where they are used as end stop positioners, stroke limiters, gear and bearing nuts, drive shafts, and spring tensioners.


In laboratories, you will find threaded shaft collars used a variety of instruments for easy and accurate adjustment of scientific equipment, clamps, and frames.


The medical industry employs threaded shaft collars for precise orientation of medical devices through the use of ceiling pivot arms, instrument stands, and hospital beds. They are also used in automated diagnostic and surgical equipment to ensure accuracy and precision.


Threaded shaft collars are used in optical equipment to facilitate the precise stops and minute adjustments necessary for accurate lens measurements.

Stafford’s Threaded Shaft Collars Offerings

Stafford Manufacturing offers the highest quality threaded shaft collars in multiple designs and materials for use in a variety of applications. All of our threaded shaft collars are precision machined, non-marring, easy to adjust, and have high clamping power.

UNF/ UNC Threaded Bore Shaft Collarsthreaded shaft collar

Our UNF/ UNC Threaded Bore Shaft Collars are manufactured to fit UNF (fine thread) or UNC (coarse thread) standards. Our designs come in both steel and stainless steel materials and are available in both high strength and low profile styles.

  • One-Piece Split Clamp. UNF/UNC One-Piece Threaded Collars are used on standard UNF/UNC threaded shafts. They are precision machined, non-marring, and easy to adjust, with exceptional clamping power.
  • Two-Piece Split Clamp. UNF/UNC 2-Piece Threaded Collars are used on standard UNF/UNC threaded shafts. They can be conveniently disassembled and placed anywhere on a shaft for easy installation.
  • Hinge. Hinge Shaft Collars are similar to two-piece collars and can be used on standard round shafts, thin wall tubes, and over a split hub. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble efficiently, which makes repositioning the collar hassle-free.

ACME Threaded Bore Shaft Collars

ACME Threaded Collars are used on standard ACME threaded shafts with an option for either left or right hand thread. They are available in steel and provide exceptional holding power.

One-Piece Split Clamp

The One-Piece Split Clamp offers superior holding power over set screw collars. It is ideal for applications such as stroke limiting, stops, and height and spring tensioning.

Two-Piece Split Clamp

The 2-Piece Clamp-Type design allows the collars to be completely disassembled and placed anywhere on a shaft to simplify installation and relocation of the collar.

Specialty Threaded Bore Shaft Collars

We offer a selection of Specialty Threaded Bore Shaft Collars for more unique applications:

Accu-Clamp™ Threaded Shaft Collar

Our Accu-Clamp™ Threaded Shaft Collars offer a square, rigid option to mount components on standard UNF threaded shafts. They are non-marring clamps with a solid machinable working face, which can be modified to meet your needs. All of our Accu-Clamp™ collars are made of 1117 steel for machinability. They come in two designs:

  • One-PieceOffers superior hold power over conventional set-screw styles.
  • Two-PieceCan be disassembled and placed anywhere on a shaft for easy maneuverability.

UNF/UNC Threaded Split Hub Collars

UNF/UNC Threaded Split Hub Collars are designed for use on standard UNF shafts. They include a precision-machined hub on the face that limits the contact area to minimize friction and are suited for bearing inner-race. Our UNF/UNC Threaded Hub Collars are made of steel, easy to adjust, and non-marring, with higher clamping power. They come in two designs:

  • One-PieceOffers superior hold power over conventional set-screw styles.
  • Two-PieceCan be disassembled and placed anywhere on a shaft for easy maneuverability.

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Stafford Manufacturing is proud to be a leader in the manufacture of high-quality collars, couplings, and custom mechanical components for everything from automation to optics. For more information on our threaded bore shaft collars or to request a quote, visit us today!