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3-D Printed Shaft Collars Permit Rapid Prototype Development
The SPARC (Stafford Prototype and Repair Collar) system features precision machined shaft collar masters which are available from stock and accept 3-D printed inserts. Combining the clamping strength of a conventional machined shaft collar with the flexibility of unlimited insert configurations, users can create custom-designed inserts with bores to fit virtually any type of shaft and can include holes, bosses, slots, tabs, hubs, pulleys, and other features.
Component Mounting Collars Expand Design Options and Protect Shafts
Stafford’s Component Mounting Shaft Collars feature a perfectly square integral mounting clamp which provides a flat mounting surface with multiple attachment options. These mounts can be easily repositioned and are suitable for use with a wide range of components including gears, lever arms, pulleys, and sprockets.
Large Bore Shaft Collars for Heavy Duty Conveyors and Equipment
Stafford’s large bore shaft collars and flange mounts are ideal for many applications including construction equipment, processing and mining conveyors, energy applications, and more. They are designed for heavy-duty drive system applications and are offered in one and two-piece clamp-type configurations with smooth round, square, hex, and threaded bores.
Shaft Collars and Couplings for Converting Equipment
Stafford Shaft Collars and Couplings include over 3,600 standard items for building and maintaining cutters, slitters, and other converting equipment requiring precision, rigidity, chemical resistance, and other properties. Designed for use as stops, spacers, mounts, and adjustable solutions, they are offered in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in sizes ranging from 1/4” to 6” I.D., depending upon item and material.
Shaft Adapters Simplify Drive System Changes
Stafford Shaft Adapters are rigid couplings with a clamp-type female end that fits securely over an output shaft and features a male shaft extension in any length up to 16” which can be machined to customer specifications. This line of rigid coupling adapters can extend the length of shafts and conform to different sizes and configurations thus eliminating the need for major design changes when replacing motors and related drive components.
Wrenching Pipe Collars Prevent Crushing and Teeth Marks
Stafford’s line of smooth bore, two-piece collars feature wrenching flats and fit on six popular pipe sizes to facilitate installation and removal. Especially effective for removing frozen pipes and tubing, they let users apply torque using standard wrenches without crushing and teeth marks.
Weldable Shaft Collars and Couplings Improve Design Options
Stafford’s line of weldable shaft collars and couplings are now offered in weldable stainless steel and include hinged collars and flange mounts that can be easily modified to improve design options. Weldable shaft collars and couplings allow users add items such as brackets, cams, lever arms, mounts, pins, and rods.
Rigid Shaft Couplings for Heavy Duty Mixers and Machinery
Stafford’s Heavy Duty Rigid Couplings feature a larger body-to-bore ratio than conventional couplings and utilize larger clamping screws to provide extra holding power. Typical applications include mixers, feeders, and conveyors in the offroad, pulp & paper, and recycling equipment industries.
Stainless Steel Shaft Collars, Mounting Devices for Clean Environments
Stafford Stainless Steel Shaft Collars and Mounting Devices are manufactured from 303 or 316 SST and include 18-8 or 316 SST fasteners for use in harsh environments where there is frequent exposure to chemicals and corrosives. Ideally suited for building and maintaining equipment used in clean rooms and laboratories, they include shaft collars for use as stops, spacers, and mounting devices, flange mounts, and shaft couplings for drive systems.
Shaft Collars, Rigid Couplings and Mounting Components for Packaging Systems
Stafford Shaft Collars, Couplings and Mounts are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations to meet the challenges associated with building packaging machinery. Featuring over 3,600 standard items, the line includes collars and couplings, the Staff-Lok™ hinged collar which is easy to open-close and clamp by hand, and the Grip & Go™ handle that can convert a standard shaft collar into a rapidly adjustable locating device.
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