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Rigid Shaft Couplings

Available with straight-through or stepped bores, with and without keyways. Featuring the clamp-type design, these couplings are precisely machined to securely couple two shafts with no marring or backlash. Among our specialty shaft couplings you’ll also find models built for extra tight tolerances or high torque values, as well as inch-to-metric conversion couplings.
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1-Piece Clamp-Type Couplings

1-Piece Clamp-Type Couplings with Keyways

Precision Sleeve Couplings 1-Piece Clamp-Type

PowerRingTM Couplings

Remachineable Couplings 1-Piece Clamp-Type

2-Piece Clamp-Type Couplings

2-Piece Clamp-Type Couplings with Keyways

Precision Sleeve Couplings 2-Piece Clamp-Type

3-Piece Clamp-Type Couplings

Inch/Metric Conversion Coupling 1-Piece Clamp-Type

Inch/Metric Conversion Coupling 2-Piece Clamp-Type

Shaft Adapters - Step-Up Type

Shaft Adapters - Step-Up Type with Keyways

Shaft Adapters - Step-Down Type

Shaft Adapters - Step-Down Type with Keyways

Precision Sleeve Flange Couplings 1-Piece Clamp-Type

100:1 Phase Adjuster Coupling
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