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Clamp-On Wrench

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  • Time-saving tools for turning shafts, pipe or hex nuts

  • Can be used to convert socket cap screw to a knob

  • Twist of wrist simplifies adjustment

  • Knurled edge provides easy to grip surface for added torque

  • 2-piece versions can be placed anywhere on shaft or pipe

The Clamp-On Wrench is a knurled, easy-to-grip collar that is clamped around standard pipe, a shaft or hex nut and is then tightened with a twist of the wrist. Permitting rapid tool changes, this compact wrench can be hand tightened but still allows for conventional wrenches when high torquing is required. It is manufactured from anodized aluminum for an attractive, durable finish.

Wrenches Available:

          1-Piece Clamp-Type Round Bore (Shaft)
          2-Piece Clamp-Type Round Bore (Shaft)
          2-Piece Clamp-Type Round Bore (Pipe)
          1-Piece Clamp-Type Hexagonal Bore
          2-Piece Clamp-Type Hexagonal Bore

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