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Shaft Collars Won’t Damage
Structural Tubing

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  • Ideal for locating and mounting objects onto square and round structural tubing.

  • Smooth bores will not mar shafts or tubing.

Stafford’s machined two-piece shaft collars are ideal for locating and mounting objects onto square and round structural tubing or for mounting tubing onto a wall, display, rack, conveyor, or machine.

Stafford Shaft Collars for structural tubing feature a square or round bore and are sized to fit square or round tubing securely for locating, stopping, mounting, and attaching objects.

Infinitely adjustable and having a smooth bore to attach securely without marring the shaft or tubing, they can be modified on the outside diameter to accommodate a wide range of mounting arrangements.

Available in 1/2” to 6” I.D. round and 1/4” to 4” square bore sizes, they are offered in aluminum which can be anodized in colors, mild steel which can be plated, paintable and weldable steels, and stainless steel.

They can incorporate mounting flats and tapped holes on the O.D. and be modified with other special customer requirements.

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